The venue you select must have good access, think about the location of toilets and disability access. Consider the way the room will flow, considering speeches, music equipment, displays, catering and registration. If food will be prepared on-site, consider how big your kitchen and cooking facilities.

Location & Parking The power for the visitors to get at and in the venue is essential.

Site Inspection When inspecting the venue create a list of all of the stuff that are essential for your function to ensure that there is nothing missed. Think about the products pointed out above and below.

Timing and Running Schedule Think about the arrival, food and beverage service, presentations, entertainment and departure of the visitors. The time will influence how hungry your visitors are. A 2pm function will need less food a 12 noon or 4pm function.

Guest Figures Plan the timing of the RSVP and permit serious amounts of get final figures.

Gender Ratio and Age Age, gender and special nutritional needs of the visitors will influence their preferences in food and beverage along with the quantity. Kind of Event You should know what you would like to attain in the event before picking out the kind of function you want to carry. Some kinds of functions include informal nibbles, cocktail food, stand-up fork food, buffet and sit lower dinner. Cocktail and dinner get-togethers may also be informal or formal.

Budget It’s very useful towards the caterer for those who have an idea of the budget just before requesting quotes.

Menu Selection Consider the amount of courses and also the time you have permitted for eating outdoors of times permitted speeches and entertainment. Ordering from the corporate catering menu can often be tricky to sort out the correct quantity of food, it is advisable to exercise your quantities in line with the quantity of products needed per person.

Beverage Selection The primary 3 ways to buy beverages are: on consumption (purchase that which you drink only, inside a package (normally like a cost each hour) or through the bottle (you retain what you don’t drink).

Av (Audio-video) Equipment Does your caterer use several Audio-video suppliers and may guide inside your planning these needs?

Equipment Be sure that your caterer can offer any kind of catering equipment you might need for the event either using their own inventory (that is normally cheaper) or from specialist hire companies. Would they help organise entertainers through agencies.

Staff Doe your caterer their very own on-site staff, from Event Managers to Service Staff and Chefs.

Wet Weather Options and Permits A practical wet weather plan’s always worth thinking about when preparing a function to become held outdoors. Most of the best outside locations need a permit to function the purpose on the website. Does your caterer help in your planning this requirement.