9 Virtual Team Building Activities for a Fresh Start of 2022 for Your Employees

With the arrival of the COVID pandemic, most employees have had to work remotely from home. It’s no surprise that such a working pattern, with little contact amongst colleagues, breeds feelings of isolation and loneliness, eventually impacting their productivity. Remote employees feel stuck and alone and cannot give their best to tasks either. 

So, how can this be combated? The answer is corporate team building activities.

The best way to make remote employees feel part of the team and engage more is through online team building activities. These can help increase collaboration and enhance interpersonal relations amongst employees, ultimately boosting morale. 

As the New Year starts, this can be the best way to start fresh for employees who will feel great and give their best at work. We’ve compiled a thorough list of the best team-building activities you can carry out via virtual event platforms

Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Employees

It’s not always easy to develop exciting and interesting team building activities that will keep your remote employees engaged. That said, here’s a list of some of the best virtual team building activities you can start the New Year with that will help to build good relations amongst employees quickly. 

  • Virtual Karaoke

A great way to enhance team spirit and increase morale is by hosting a virtual karaoke night. Whether you are celebrating someone’s birthday, a work-related milestone, or helping the team unwind on a Friday night, busting out some music will always lead to an exciting party.

Not to mention, arranging a virtual karaoke requires little investment and effort. Simply ask an employee to pick a song and then play the backing track. Only the employees singing it will have their mics on, while the rest will need to turn it off. 

  • Online Scavenger Hunt

This is also an exciting online team-building activity best for small groups of remote employees. Each person will need to play this game individual rather than a team since that would be logistically difficult.

The game rules are simple; you will have to call out something, such as a breakfast item or an object, and the employees will need to find it in their homes and show you to win points. The employee with the highest points wins. 

  • Employee Virtual Wellness Sessions

Mindfulness activities are a great way to help enhance employees’ productivity since they improve their physical and mental health. As a result, they will be more efficient when they start feeling better. Virtual wellness sessions include having an expert who talks about the benefits of wellness activities and then carries them out. 

They may even practice acts that would help employees with pre-presentation jitters and handle work-related stress.

  • DIY Craft Challenges

Bring out your employee’s artistic side with this virtual corporate team building activity. You can give them half an hour to craft something from the items in their home. Give them a specific category of things they could make, such as cutlery or doodling. However, make sure the task is not too difficult since not many people are naturally artistic.

You could also take this one step further by inviting an artist who could show them how to craft and make something. 

  • Virtual Escape Rooms

These are the perfect activities that help challenge employees, foster collaboration, and build camaraderie. They can also be carried out easily on specific virtual event platforms. These online escape rooms tend to follow a theme. 

In this, employees need to work together to solve certain problems to unlock treasure, find hidden keys, and breakout of rooms under a set time limit.

  • Miniature Campfires

This is a fun activity that employees and teams can do over the weekend. Since you cannot light a fire in your home office, you can light up a candle, make s’mores, and then share ghost stories to emulate a real campfire experience. This is a simple activity to carry out but is packed with tons of fun, which is why it will be a great icebreaking activity. 

  • Virtual Tasting Experiences

Amidst the pandemic, companies have come out with curated wine tasting experiences for teams working remotely. Employees will be sent wine, cheese, chocolate, etc., tasting notes. They also have experts who explain the history of the wine, what makes it unique, and how to taste it. These sessions usually take an hour, and it also ends with fun trivia.

  • Online Accountability Groups

People become more motivated when they have a group that shares the same goals as them, and they can stay accountable to them. These goals can include fitness-related ones or any common task they have to complete together. 

You can set mental and wellness goals together and even attach rewards. When like-minded people work together towards similar goals and even earn rewards, they will be more motivated to achieve them.

  • Online Lunch Dates

Once a month, teams can also engage in this fun activity wherein the company orders and deliver food to their home, and they can all have lunch together. They can eat with a video conferencing application switched on. The employees can also cook up something on their own. The main aim is to share a meal and conversations together.

Final Words

Building a cohesive team that works efficiently and with high morale can seem challenging amidst the pandemic. However, online team building activities has opened up new and unique opportunities for team building that brings with it its own kind of fun. As a result, employees will feel more engaged and motivated.

If you want to explore the world of digital events and need more guidance on carrying out exciting corporate team building activities online, feel free to get in touch with SevenEvents. We are a creative agency that can help clients engage the audience through various experiences. For more information, visit our website today!